• The Terrible New Twitter? Keep Calm And Tweet On, People
    Maybe this rankles me because it seems particularly silly after a day spent watching seagulls fight over an apple, collecting hermit crabs, and browsing bookstores on Cape Cod - but, really? People are actually tied up in their underwear about a new little blue line on Twitter? One that actually manages to tie together previously hard-to-follow conversations on the platform?
  • Grounded In Inspiration, Social Media Gets Real
    I'm posting from Lake Tahoe's Resort at Squaw Valley, where MediaPost held the Social Media Insider Summit, and things have never been so clear -- and unclear -- all at the same time. It's unclear because even though we are quite far away from the forest fires that have been raging in this part of the country, there's a thin haze of smoke out the window. On the other hand, when we're i
  • Patch & The Slippery Slope Of Hyperlocal Content -- Unless You're On Facebook
    According to news reports, this is the day that a lot more than one single, misbehaving creative director will get fired from Patch, AOL's foray into the hyperlocal content business. Reports are it will involve a haircut(buzzcut?) which lops off 500 of its 1,000 person staff, with perhaps 20% of the roughly 900 sites total going the way of - I've got it! - dial-up Internet connections.
  • Facebook Says, 'Not Quite So Fast' On Those Video Ads
    Last week, I wrote about how Facebook's pending move into video advertising was probably the key reason behind its stock's ascension into the lofty realm of trading just over its $38 opening price back when it went public. Sure, it took more than a year, but whatevs! So, I found it intriguing -- and heartening -- to read in The Wall Street Journal this morning that the company is being very, very cautious about the video ad rollout, despite the obvious panting of advertisers and investors.
  • How To Handle A Social Media Crisis
    In an age where citizen journalism rules, social networks such as Twitter and Facebook are hotbeds for breaking news, and consequentially have become breeding grounds for controversy and crisis. Brands can make or break their reputation with a tweet or status update, and one customer complaint can become a trending topic within 24 hours. Here is a condensed roadmap to stemming a social crisis:
  • This Is Why Facebook Just Broke $38/Share
    BREAKING: For the second day in a row, Facebook stock is actually trading - at this writing -- above its IPO price for the first time since going public more than a year ago. This may all be over before you can create the hashtag #fbabove38, but this development is still more important than you might think. It's a symbol of Facebook finally showing the world it can be a revenue powerhouse.
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