• See? The Old Spice Social Media Campaign DOES Smell Like A Winner
    Not to obsess about Old Spice Man or anything, especially since I know full well he's stopped issuing video responses, but I just knew Wieden + Kennedy's social media strategy of a few weeks ago was going to work.
  • The Fine Balance Between Automation And Personalization In Social Media
    Surely, in the course of your social media work, you've experienced a certain moment of frustration. It may have been with a client or with your very own company, and, in your head, it would have sounded something like this: "Why aren't we sharing all our YouTube videos on Facebook or on our website?"
  • Are We Entering Social Advertising's Creative Golden Age?
    Quick. Name a memorable social media campaign -- besides Old Spice Man. Stumped? I'm not surprised. Because, as with so many other things in advertising, there aren't that many memorable social campaigns. But, getting back to Old Spice Man, that just-concluded phenomenon is an example of the fact that social advertising creative is getting better, a lot better, and that it has the ability to be far more memorable than much creative that has gone before. Why? Because the best of it engages not only you but your friends, especially when it mixes content deftly with the social graph.
  • Social Media Fundamentally Changing Corporate Worldview
    I had the good fortune today of having a conversation with the visionary John Marshall Roberts, whose focus is on igniting inspiration and overcoming cynicism. By understanding the lens through which people see the world, Roberts suggests, we can better appreciate each other, communicate with each other, and connect with each other.
  • 21 Social Lessons From 100+ Events
    Want to know how to get invited to speak at events, get tweeted, and not come off like a jerk afterwards? I'm sure there's a self-help book here waiting to happen, but in the meantime I've got just the column for you.
  • The @Earlybird Catches The Tweet: Twitter's Newest Revenue Idea
    Even if Twitter can't seem to kill the fail whale -- maybe its engineers could be used to save animals out at that oil spill, come to think of it -- it's still swimming in the right direction with its continuing attempts to build viable revenue streams. The latest is the @earlybird Twitter account, which shows that while monetizing Twitter in an organic way is harder than it has been for Google, it shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out, either. As is so often the case, the best ideas are the simplest.
  • Wake Up When Google Bores You
    The world may not need a Google-branded social network along the lines of what Google is reportedly building. My fellow columnist Cathy Taylor made that perfectly clear last week. Yet I can offer a barometer to show whether Google will launch a great product: the more boring Google makes it, the better it will be.
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