• Predictions: What Facebook's Foray into Publishing Means for Advertisers
    Last week, Facebook took a major leap into the world of publishing, partnering with BuzzFeed, The New York Times, National Geographic and six other publications. Facebook is transforming (at least in small part) from a social directory for in-depth articles into a destination for them. All the new "Instant Articles" these publishers post on Facebook will be hosted natively in the Facebook mobile app. This end-to-end control for Facebook promises a great experience for users. It seems users and publishers are poised to win big. But what does this mean for the advertising community?
  • Six Ways To Get Employees To Share Company Content
    There are many great ways to involve employees in your social media strategy. Of course one of the best is to ask them to share company content with their networks, since every employee share, like and tweet will be coming from a trusted source about your brand. Here are six ideas to get employees to share relevant content.
  • Wish You Were Here: How To Boost Your Brand's Local Relevance On Facebook
    The battle to own the "location graph" is in full swing. Google's investment in mapping every business, street and landmark on the earth has been well-documented. Location factors heavily into search results, thus the immense pressure for businesses to invest behind their physical locations and stake their claim on the search map. Similarly, many have tried to corner the location graph on the social Web
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