• Chris Paul's Move To Edelman Is 'Blurred Lines' -- Digital Media Version
    You may have noticed that I don't spend much time in this column writing about, well, people. Kinda weird, since social media, like soylent green, is people (!) - but what I really mean is that I don't pay much attention to personnel shifts. That said, every now and then, there's an appointment that means much more than its simple who-what-when-where-how-why. And that certainly applies to the news last week that Chris Paul is moving from his post as executive vice president/managing director of VivaKi's Audience on Demand to global director of paid media at Edelman.
  • Planning A Long-Term Face Strategy
    How appropriate the final touches of this article are being completed on the same week that the Oxford English Dictionary deemed "selfie" the word of the year. You see, this article is not about "Facebook," it's about your "face." Or, more specifically, a physical face for your brand. If you haven't started thinking about what person (or people) will be the face of your brand, you'd better get started.
  • Should the Facebook/Snapchat Deal Have Gone Poof?
    Certainly, the news of the week - after all, the Twitter IPO is so early November - is that Snapchat, the platform devoted to stuff that quickly disappears, turned down Facebook's offer to buy it for $3 billion. Poof!
  • On Its First Day As Public Company, TWTR Parties Like It's 1999. Should It?
    "Happy days are here again, the sky is full of tweets again, so let's sing a song of stocks again, happy days are here again." Or something like that, as, even on yesterday's cloudy, rainy Manhattan afternoon, Twitter's stock took flight, closing at almost $45/share, 42% more than what it was priced at earlier in the day, in its first day of its life as a public company.
  • Data: Real-Time Vs. Digging Time
    I love numbers. So I've always been one of those creatives who embraced data and analytics. I believe data can inform better creative, and inspired creative can be validated via good data. Follow the heart, test with the mind. That's why I love the latest tools out there that help creatives like me analyze data without having to hearken back to high school trig. There are two in particular that I am finding especially useful on a day-to-day basis.
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