• After Successful U.S. Launch, Facebook Sets Global News Rollout By 2021
    As of this summer, the tech giant had signed on about 200 news outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, BuzzFeed and USA Today.
  • Embattled TikTok Launches Ad Blitz
    With Twitter's operations in the U.S. and possibly some other markets up in the air, the social video app's parent, ByteDance, may be hoping the ad campaign will help boost its sale price.
  • How Did Facebook Boycotters Spend Their July Budgets?
    In one report, 40% chose to spend more on paid search, while 24% increased spending on paid social platforms other than Facebook.
  • ByteDance Founder Defends TikTok Sale
    Despite charges of treason by his Chinese countrymen, Zhang Yiming, founder of TikTok parent ByteDance, says he remains open to a sale of the popular app.