• Can MySpace Ever Be Our Space Again?
    The last time MySpace got this many headlines was probably when Facebook was still limited to people with .edu email addresses, but for the last month, the news has been flying fast and furious. In just about a month, there are four new executives atop MySpace. The question is, what do they do now? I've stewed all day yesterday to find an answer to that question, and I don't have one. I do, however, want to talk about the problem.
  • What Search And Social Media Have In Common
    Is social media the new search? Pardon the clichéd phrasing, but it's a question I've been hearing a lot lately, and one I am at least somewhat qualified to answer. Last Tuesday, I penned my final and 224th Search Insider column for MediaPost, dating back to mid-2004. For most of that time, I've been with digital marketing agency 360i, where I've worked with marketers from major brands on their social media strategy. Newsweek runs a feature in the front of the magazine where it takes two events that are often compared with each other and then analyzes why the comparison …
  • Despite Oprah, Twitter Is Not like Studio 54 Gone to Seed
    So, the data is in and it turns out that, at least in terms of traffic, Oprah has been good for Twitter. According to Hitwise, traffic increased by 24% from Friday, April 10th to Friday, April 17th, which will hereafter be known as The Day of Oprah's First Tweet.
  • Are the Social-Media-Inspired PR Crises Starting To Fall Like Domino's?
    So, this week, the client in the unfortunate spotlight was Domino's. I probably don't even have to recap this, but, in case you've been spending your time instead watching Susan Boyle sing on "Britain's Got Talent," you must know that two Domino's employees (well, they used to be Domino's employees) uploaded a video of themselves doing disgusting things to the ingredients before putting them in people's food, and this created a crisis for Domino's. But, hey, clients, it could just as well have been your brand -- as the executives in charge of Motrin and Tropicana well know
  • Crowdsourcing OMMA Social: More Panel Ideas
    If you read last week's column, you know that I'm crowdsourcing the next OMMA Social New York, which is scheduled for June 23. Here is my promised second column of ideas, most of them submitted by readers; thanks to all who helped out.
  • Crowdsourcing OMMA Social: What Do You Want To See On The Agenda?
    We are slowly gearing up for our second OMMA Social New York, which is tentatively scheduled for June 23 in my beloved NYC. Still, much as the first two events (one in San Francisco) have been a success, with every seat full, and a lot of interesting conversation on- and offstage, there's been one thing missing: your input into how the agenda should come together. That's why, with this column and next week's, I'm going to crowd-source the OMMA Social agenda, throwing out some potential ideas and asking for your feedback.
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