• People Will Talk -- About Social Networking. A Lot.
    If you read last week's column, you know I decided to come clean and make clear that, as intrigued as I am by social networks and social media, I also have a lot of skepticism about parts of this world. Huge valuations based on nascent business models? I've seen that movie before. What I thought I'd get back by attempting to deflate the hype was a ream of preachy emails complaining about how I didn't get it. Instead, what I got back were emails that read more like confessionals, as many of my new friends admitted that they, too, were …
  • Cathy's Confessions On Social Media
    For reasons that still escape me, I'm Mediapost's new Social Media Insider -- and this is my first column. Of course, I say that tongue (partially) in cheek, because if you go to MySpace or LinkedIn or Plaxo or Facebook, you will find my profile, listed as either Cathy Taylor or Catharine P. Taylor (spell the name right, please!). But all of those profiles don't tell you the role social networks play in my life, which is what I thought I'd devote this first column to.
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