• Why Deals On Facebook Isn't Just Another Groupon Clone
    Just when I thought I was burned out on all things Groupon, LivingSocial, et al (and there's lots of et als in this market), along comes Deals on Facebook. Which is not to be confused with those two, or BlackBoardEats or Google Offers, or Bing Deals, by the way. Why? Because these are Deals on Facebook. And believe it or not, even though I spent most of the last paragraph making fun of online coupon deals -- look for the launch of Catharine P. Taylor Deals, coming soon to an email inbox near you! -- this product is different, …
  • Watch Bo.lt Strike -- But Prepare To Run
    Over the weekend, I was in Dallas and watched lightning strike the city in every direction. I was so mesmerized that I stayed outside on a terrace balancing my camera on the balcony, taking photos I later shared on Facebook and Flickr, and as a time lapse video on YouTube. The whole time, though, I kept thinking, "Is holding on to a metal balcony during a storm the smartest idea?" A different kind of bolt struck the Web last week - a Bo.lt, to be precise -- and I had a similar reaction. It's one of the most fascinating technologies …
  • Is There Really Trouble @Twitter, Or Is It Just Different @Twitter?
    In a world where last week almost seems like a decade ago, you can call me slow on the uptake for just getting around to reading Jesse Hempel's feature in Fortune, "Trouble @Twitter," a week after it published. But now I've read it, and am glad I have, if for no other reason than it makes a good column topic.
  • Meet Your New Boss, The Digital Native
    Over the past month, I've met a number of people whom we all need to understand better. Right now they call themselves members of the class of 2011 or 2012 or 2013. Pretty soon we'll be calling them "boss." Throughout several events and guest lectures, I met students at Yale's School of Management, New York University, and my alma mater Binghamton University. I was supposedly there as a hybrid of a professional and professor, sharing my personal experience working in digital media and the latest social media trends. Each time though, I felt like a student. As my homework assignment, …
  • More Proof That The (Social) Future Is Hard To Predict -- Or, Who Knew?
    I've spent part of the week haunted by the specter of the Winklevii. You know the ones - the identical twins - immortalized in "The Social Network," who just can't give up the ghost on feeling they deserve more of Mark Zuckerberg's cajillions? Here's the Cliff Notes version of the beef they have to pick with Facebook, which was partly detailed in the somewhat true parts of the Oscar-nominated movie:
  • Five More Social Trends To Excite You
    I listened to all the social media chatter after last week's post on social media trends, and I heard you loud and clear: five trends aren't enough. Brilliant social marketer that I am, I'll share five more.
  • In Social Advertising, It's The Context, Stupid
    When you compare the clean, linear, cause-effect nature of paid search to social ads, it's easy to come away thinking there's still much work to be done. In a world full of discussion about whether Google or Facebook is on more of a juggernaut, it's worth noting that in social advertising, it's not a simple matter of picking good keywords and letting the algorithms do their work. Still, a body of knowledge is forming about how ads in social contexts are working -- including a study, released yesterday, that measures what its makers call the Social Activity Index.
  • Five Social Trends To Get Excited About Today
    The digitally social world is moving so fast that as spring shows itself, it's time to smell the roses. Here are five trends to get excited about right now, with five more coming soon.
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