• Senators Grill TikTok, Snap, YouTube: 'The Bar Is In The Gutter'
    Senators on Tuesday confronted executives from TikTok, Snap and YouTube with horror stories about young people and social media.
  • Brands Struggle To Find The Right Influencers
    According to Nielsen InfluenceScope, 86% of brands find it hard to find influencers that are the right fit for their brands' personality and purpose.
  • Detoxing From Social Media, However Briefly
    When Facebook resumed operations after a six-hour outage, it was an opportunity to examine our fixation and, in some cases, addiction, to the social network.
  • Twitter's Trump Ban Doesn't Violate Free Speech, Digital Rights Group Says
    Shortly after Twitter banned former President Donald Trump, California real estate broker Maria Rutenberg filed a doomed lawsuit against the company, arguing that it violated her free speech rights by depriving her of the ability to retweet and comment on Trump's old posts.