How Can Publishers Meet Demand For Ad Flexibility Amid Trending Topics?

The social-media industry has raised expectations among brands that quickly create campaigns in response to news events or cultural moments that become the focus of online conversations.

Publishers that provide these brands with the flexibility to quickly customize their digital ad creative and run it can potentially develop a growing source of revenue.

Social-media companies like Facebook and Twitter offer self-service tools to create a branded post and transform it into an ad campaign. These campaigns typically require the manual customization of ad creative that refers to an unforeseen news event or emerging trend.
Advertisers that run these campaigns seek to parlay consumer attention on trending topics or viral memes into more visibility for their brands. Amid the competition for consumer attention, campaigns that refer to the news or put into context can be powerful. Publishers can help brands to create these timely campaigns by offering similar technology to customize ad creative and position the ads near relevant content that's generating web traffic.
Unlike social media, publishers can provide a brand-safe environment with ad placements near content that's been approved by an editorial team. This contextual targeting will increase in importance as behavioral targeting becomes more difficult as customers gain more control over their personal data.
Apple last month updated the software that runs devices, including the iPhone, to notify its customers when apps ask for data used in online tracking. Many of those customers haven't provided consent to share the data. Google next year is expected to end support for third-party cookie tracking in its Chrome browser, pushing advertisers to find other tracking methods.
Publishers that invest in technology to help advertisers customize campaigns quickly as consumers engage with their content can reap the rewards. As contextual targeting becomes more prevalent, they have an opportunity to increase ad revenue that formerly may have gone to social-media rivals.



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