• Andreessen Horowitz's 'Future' Site Won't Threaten Tech Publishers
    'Future' is an outgrowth of the firm's efforts to write blogs about its investments in startups before expanding into more general topics about tech.
  • How Publishers Can Prepare For A Cookieless Future
    They are expected to seek direct deals with marketers less likely to run programmatic display advertising across sites.
  • Digital Investments Are Still Key For Publisher Ad Growth
    To better control their destiny, publishers need to diversify their sources of revenue with direct-to-consumer efforts.
  • Publishers Can Reduce Subscriber Churn By Updating Collection Methods
    Updating back-office functions may not be as glamorous as other parts of marketing a news publication, but it worked for "The Seattle Times."
  • Picketing Anna Wintour's House Feels Like An Empty Gesture
    Targeting Wintour is misguided, since she's not directly involved in negotiations with workers.
  • Apple's Latest Privacy Updates Will Hurt Value Of Ad Inventories
    Apple users will be able to hide their internet address information in the Safari web browser, adding to its default blocking of third-party cookies.
  • Gannett Was Right To Resist FBI's Demand For Reader Information
    Gannett argued against the subpoena on the grounds that it was unconstitutional.
  • Publishers Want To Diversify Into Video, Digital Audio Sales
    The desire to sell more digital audio advertising reflects the growth in podcasting.
  • Blackstone's Purchase Of IDG Is Mostly About Tech Data, Not Publishing
    Blackstone's acquisition follows IDG's efforts to build up its marketing technology and data. It's less clear whether it will dispense with IDG's media brands.
  • Hearst's Employee Buyouts Will Help To Avert Job Cuts
    Hearst will effectively reduce its headcount by 5% with the buyouts.
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