• Hearst's Connecticut Newspapers Plan Paywall For 'Insider' Exclusives
    By creating a hybrid of paywall and free content, Hearst Connecticut aims to generate reader revenue, while also supporting "significant" web traffic that supports ad sales.
  • Print Readers Are Most Likely To Pay For Local News
    Some 71% of U.S. adults believe their local news media is in good financial health, but only 14% paid for a subscription, donated money or signed up for a membership
  • Leaked Facebook Memo Hints At News Tab Plans
    A leaked internal memo indicates the world's biggest social network will rely on human editors to pick stories highlighted in its upcoming "Top News" section.
  • Google's Local-News Fig Leaf Won't Cover Digital Ad Sins
    Google this week announced a program to help the publishers of Minnesota's 'Star-Tribune' newspaper study ways to reach younger audiences.
  • Jeffrey Epstein's Gruesome Legacy Ensnares M.I.T. Media Lab
    Joi Ito resigned from the M.I.T. Media Lab and from the board of The New York Times less than a day after 'The New Yorker' published a bombshell report.
  • GateHouse-Gannett Filing Shows Revealing History Of Deal Talks
    If you want some insight into the current state of publisher dealmaking, a government filing for the planned $1.4 billion merger between GateHouse Media and Gannett is notable.
  • Study: News Apps Struggle To Find Younger Audiences
    Social-media apps, such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Twitter, ranked highest in popularity and usage time.
  • Magazines Still Stir Controversy -- But For All The Wrong Reasons
    Every editor knows that buzz -- and its cousin, scandal -- are key to magazine publicity. It’s satisfying to see tongues wagging over revealing stories, finely crafted photo shoots or trenchant analysis of current events. It’s far less satisfying to become the subject of stories, as editors of People, Memphis and Australia’s Who magazine likely have discovered in the past week. Each magazine has committed a gaffe that led to a backlash. Peoplefaced criticism for publishing an online story about a swimsuit worn by Kim Kardashian during a recent trip to the Bahamas -- just as deadly …
  • 'Editor & Publisher' Sold To Media Consultant With Plans To Expand Coverage
    A newly formed company, The Curated Experiences Group, bought the 135-year-old magazine from Duncan McIntosh Co., an event producer and publisher.
  • Conde Nast Biography Eerily Foreshadows Next Recession
    While the Great Depression was ruinous for Conde Nast, the Great Recession that followed the 2008 financial crisis was terrible for the publishing industry.
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