• Print Ads More Vulnerable To Cuts Than Digital
    Advertisers plan to cut their print budgets by an average of 37% during the first half of the year, given the health crisis, according to a survey of 38 companies by the World Federation of Advertisers.
  • California's Freelancer Law Magnifies COVID-19 Pain
    California's misguided restrictions on freelance writers, editors and photographers haven't created one new job, and likely have made unemployment even worse during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Publisher Bailouts Likely Will Face Political Opposition
    It's too early to tell whether these pleas will have any effect, considering how unsympathetic many people are to the plight of the news media.
  • 'NYT,' 'WaPo' Sue Government For Details On COVID-19 Loans
    The lawsuit accuses the SBA of stonewalling their requests for greater disclosure about loan recipients.
  • Reader Revenue Will Be Key To Long-Term Health Of Local Publishers
    The strategy will require publishers to undo reader expectations that online information is free, which mostly has been the case since the internet was commercialized in 1994.
  • Hearst Employees To Vote On Union After NLRB Ruling
    The next steps will be to set a vote date or to organize a mail-in ballot as the coronavirus pandemic keeps many people stuck indoors.
  • How Will Improvements To Programmatic Ads Help Publishers?
    In matching the information provided by advertisers, agencies, programmatic platforms and publishers, a recent study found 51% of ad spend reaches digital media outlets and 15% vanishes somewhere in the supply chain.
  • NewsGuard Identifies 10 'Super-Spreaders' Of COVID-19 Untruths
    Just as the coronavirus has "super-spreaders," inaccurate reporting has carriers that are possibly dangerous.
  • Fewer Americans Say News Media Exaggerates Pandemic
    The change in opinion likely indicates that more people are taking the health crisis seriously, a key development in containing the pandemic and reopening the economy.
  • Asking Google To Pay For News Is A Perilous Idea
    News outlets should be wary of any scheme that makes them financially dependent on the company.
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