• Is New York City Becoming A 'News Desert'?
    Editors see significant gaps in coverage of healthcare and hospitals, courthouses, public housing and even politics. They are acute for the city's boroughs outside of Manhattan.
  • Stefano Tonchi Lands At 'L'Officiel' Amid Bigger U.S. Push
    The hire marks a comeback for Tonchi, since his ouster from 'W' magazine last year in an acrimonious dispute.
  • Google Brings Timely End To Subs Of 'Print-Replica' Magazines
    Google likely is acknowledging the "print-replica" format is difficult to read on smartphone screens.
  • Harvey Weinstein Trial Will Test #MeToo Reporting
    The trial likely never would have happened without the enterprising efforts by 'The New York Times' and 'The New Yorker.'
  • 'The New Yorker,' CBS News Stir Racial Controversy
    The mistakes fueled criticism that the news media insufficiently represents a more multi-ethnic America.
  • 2020 Preview: Publishers Face Daunting Challenges
    From expanding branded-content strategies to more consolidations, publishers must be nimble and tactical in the coming year.
  • Recap: The Top 10 'Publishing Insider' Columns For 2019
    A new decade promises more transformations in publishing. Here is a look back at the most-read stories of 2019.
  • 'Sports Illustrated' Needs Public-Relations Makeover
    The jury is out on whether 'SI' can successfully reinvent itself. But negative stories will continue until it does something to improve employee morale.
  • 'Mnpl StPaul' Columnist Quits Over Garrison Keillor Cover Story
    "This coverage is a privilege afforded to a certain kind of man," Nora McInerny said in a Twitter thread about her decision to quit in protest.
  • Christianity Today's Call For Trump Removal Doesn't Signify Right-Wing Trend
    The 'Christianity Today' editor described Trump as immoral for pushing Ukraine to investigate a political opponent in exchange for foreign aid.
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