• YouTube, Gab Stir Latest Debate About Reader Comments
    While traditional publishers have editors to maintain standards, younger platforms like Facebook and YouTube, with vast troves of user-generated content, have struggled to prevent objectionable posts from pedophiles, terrorists and hate groups.
  • Bon Appetit's Streaming Channel Goes Live On OTT Devices
    'Bon Appetit' can showcase its own over-the-top channel for media buyers instead of pointing out a bunch of shows on its YouTube channel.
  • 'New York Times' Tests Tougher Paywall
    That's a welcome development, especially as publishers face declining ad sales as Facebook, Google and Amazon take over the digital media economy.
  • New York Media Decides Against Sale
    A holding company controlled by the heirs of investment banker Bruce Wasserstein owns New York Media. He bought the publisher in 2003 for $55 million.
  • Nonprofit Free Press Seeks To Tax Online Ads To Support News
    Free Press cites data that indicates 20% of U.S. newspapers have disappeared since 2004, eliminating 200,000 newsroom jobs and leaving 900 communities without a local news provider.
  • Alden's Bid For Gannett Underscores Struggles Of 'Ghost Newspapers'
    Alden is likely to accelerate job losses, given its history of buying local publications and gutting their newsrooms. The firm's Digital First Media cut one-third of newsroom jobs at The Denver Post' last year, leaving fewer than 70 reporters to cover the city and its surroundings.
  • 'USA Today' EIC Apologizes For Blackface, Brings Teachable Moment
    Nicole Carroll's university yearbook is an embarrassing relic. She has an opportunity as editor of a major newspaper to explain why blackface belongs in the dustbin of history.
  • As Tech Giants Offer Less Support, Paid Subs Become A Publisher's Priority
    The percentage of publishers that said readers are more willing to pay for content rose from 70% in 2018 to 79% this year. Publishers are also warier of tech giants that are gatekeepers to digital content.
  • 'Out' Criticizes Trump's Gay-Rights Plan
    It is possible to applaud the administration's efforts to promote gay rights, while still pointing out areas that need improvement. The two viewpoints aren't necessarily contradictory.
  • YouTube Changes Penalty System After Pedophilia Flap
    The action follows criticism of the video-sharing platform for monetizing videos that exploit children. Starting on February 25, YouTube's revised "strikes system" will give a one-time warning to users who post content that crosses the line.
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