• News Publishers Should Charge More For Digital Offerings
    One important benefit of this strategy is that it maintains revenue and margins from subscribers migrating from print to digital.
  • Group Black Supports Investment In Media Diversity
    The organization lined up WPP's GroupM with a goal of allocating $75 million to Black-owned media and creators.
  • BuzzFeed's Public Filings Show Sunny Outlook For Ecommerce
    The company forecasts that its total revenue will increase to $1,063 billion by 2024. Ad revenue won't keep pace with that growth. The big driver will be ecommerce,
  • Are Auto-Renewals Worth The Legal Liability For Publishers?
    "The Washington Post" agreed to pay $6.7 million to settle allegations it had automatically renewed digital subscriptions in violation of California's Automatic Renewal Law.
  • Outside's Membership Deal Works With Value-Added Services
    A key part of Outside's revenue growth strategy will be to entice existing subscribers and readers of its websites into becoming members.
  • Gannett's Expansion Of 'Reviewed' Highlights Ecommerce Ambitions
    Ecommerce surged in the past year as people shopped online more often while stuck at home during the pandemic.
  • Sen. Warren's Opinion About Digital Display Ads Is Flawed
    The problem with her argument is that display ads aren't an interchangeable commodity whose value is solely based on price.
  • Tribune's Newsroom Buyouts Should Help To Avoid Layoffs
    Tribune Publishing's buyout offer to newsroom employees has trimmed staff by an estimated 10% since April.
  • Reliance On Circulation Revenue Marks Shift For Newspaper Industry
    Circulation revenue for newspapers last year overtook advertising sales for the first time, but it wasn't enough to offset the 29% drop in ad revenue.
  • Instagram's Test Of Revenue Sharing Opens Door For Monetized Content
    Publishers have complained that digital advertising giants, such as Facebook and Google, don't adequately compensate them for content.
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