• Publishers Update Contracts With 'Morals Clauses'
    The #Metoo era that ended the careers of media moguls such as Harvey Weinstein is likely to make morals clauses even more common.
  • Conde Nast's UK Slump Shows Pressing Need For New CEO
    Conde Nast Britain lost GBP13.6 million in 2017 ($17.3 million) on sales of GBP113 million, compared with a profit of GBP4.3 million in 2016. The results indicate Conde Nast International isn't any more immune to negative sales trends than its sister company in the U.S.
  • Searching For Authenticity When 'Everything Is Fake'
    Fake internet activity may have reached the breaking point in 2018 as Facebook contended with the Cambridge Analytica scandal and committed to cleaning up its platform.
  • Publisher IPO Market Unlikely To Improve Amid Fed Tightening
    The market for IPOs of digital publishers won't get better without stronger signs that investors are willing to take on more risk.
  • Publishers Can Play Key Role In Social-Influencer Landscape
    In most cases, an influencer strategy is rooted in traditional media goals of reaching key audiences that appeal to advertisers and establishing an authoritative editorial voice.
  • Decline Of Print Doesn't Mean Death Of Music Journalism
    The evolution of music journalism includes some hints about its future -- whatever the medium.
  • Publishers Need To Boost Event Marketing To Outflank Digital Ad Giants
    Publishers faced with declining print revenue have sought to diversify their business models in ways to provide deeper connections among advertisers and readers.
  • 'Apple News' Updates Loom For Publishers In 2019
    If Apple can get the marketing formula right, it could rapidly expand its paid reader base to a much bigger audience. But publishers still want as much control as possible in supporting direct relationships with their readership.
  • Amnesty's Dutch Arm Accused Of Bad Taste, Sexualizing Suffering
    Amnesty worked with Dutch agency Tosti Creative on the magazine, which was limited to 200 copies as part of a campaign for the "Don't Look Away" petition.
  • 'Der Spiegel' Story On Rural America Isn't Fact-Checked, Loaded With Inaccuracies
    A former 'Der Spiegel' reporter is charged with numerous accounts of journalistic fraud, including a story about Fergus Falls, Minnesota.
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