• Maryland's Digital Ad Tax Will Set Bad Precedent For Publishing
    The tax is mostly aimed at Big Tech companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon that sell digital ads to businesses that want to reach consumers in Maryland.
  • Can Publishers Profit From High-Growth Podcast Merchandise?
    Podcast products that are quirky and meaningful only to the most devoted listeners tend to sell best.
  • Alden's Offer For Remaining Tribune Shares Is Too Low
    Alden is known for slashing companies to bits - but Tribune is already lean. And its stronger earnings demand a higher valuation.
  • 2021 Preview: 'Year Of The Vaccine' Won't Hinder Digital Shift For Publishers
    The industry will be caught between the push toward more technological innovation and the pull of tradition.
  • Recap: The Top 10 'Publishing Insider' Columns For 2020
    Publishers saw a surge in web traffic as homebound readers sought news and information about the health crisis, but a broad pullback in ad spending.
  • 'Financial Times' Job Cuts Reflect Shifting Business Priorities
    The 'FT' will eliminate as many as 64 jobs among its global workforce of 2,300. The job cuts came to light as the union protested against executive pay, including salary and severance package for EIC Lionel Barber.
  • Antitrust Suit Against Google Supports Publisher Complaints
    Publishers were harmed when Google's method of "dynamic allocation" of online bids for digital ad space drove down prices.
  • Extending Stimulus Plan To More Publishers Is Necessary Amid Pandemic
    The bill allows local newspapers owned by national chains to apply for forgivable loans from the Small Business Administration's Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).
  • Massive Cyberattack Is Reminder For Publishers To Guard First-Party Data
    Only a handful of companies have publicly acknowledged they installed its tainted software -- and the extent of any damage from data breaches is still unclear.
  • 'New York Times' Avoids Issuing Needed Retraction Of 'Caliphate' Podcast
    The arrest led the NYT to re-examine its reporting in the series and return its Peabody Award.
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