• Study: Subscription Discounts For Delivery Failures Can Backfire
    A better strategy is to offer discounts on renewals, extend or upgrade an existing subscription or regularly take the opportunity to remind customers of what the "full" subscription price is.
  • Dershowitz Accuses 'The New Yorker' Of Trying To Silence Him
    Dershowitz said editor David Remnick commissioned a 'New Yorker' hit piece that cites false accusations of sexual misconduct to damage his reputation.
  • 'Los Angeles Times' Switches Website To Home-Grown Publishing Tech
    The newspaper no longer depend son the publishing technology of former owner Tribune Publishing.
  • 'The New Republic' Removes Op-Ed About Buttigieg After Homophobic Accusations
    The piece, about presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, ignited a social-media firestorm. Dale Peck describes Buttigieg as "the gay equivalent of Uncle Tom."
  • Magazine Trade Group Leaves NYC For Washington, Doubles Down On Government Affairs
    It's a dramatic shift for the trade association that has represented the consumer-magazine industry since its founding in 1919 - in the media capital of New York City.
  • Journalists Rely On Food Banks, Part-Time Jobs To Make Ends Meet
    Journalists are struggling to survive financially, and their monetary worth is fluctuating.
  • Amazon's Prime Day Deals Include $1.50 Magazine Subscriptions
    Amazon's Prime Day shopping event includes zillions of announced markdowns, including 85% discounts on print magazine subscriptions.
  • Hearst Names Carol Smith As Publishing Director For 'Elle,' 'Marie Clare'
    Longtime executive Kevin O'Malley plans to retire after 37 years in publishing.
  • 'New York' Prints Trump-Free Issue To Contrast With Prior Editions
    So far, the Trump-free issue hasn't triggered a derisive tweet storm from the president.
  • Glenn Greenwald Faces Investigation By Brazilian Authorities
    Greenwald published a series of articles that alleged corrupt behavior by Sergio Moro, the country's minister of justice.
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