• Billionaire Cooperman May Join 'National Enquirer' Deal
    Cooperman already owns about 10% of American Media Inc., which last month put the 'Enquirer,' 'National Examiner' and 'Globe' up for sale amid a cloud of controversy.
  • Newsrooms Aim to Avoid 2016 Mistakes in 2020 Coverage
    The media faces an even bigger challenge now - trying to cover 24 Democrats in the race to date.
  • Conde Nast, 'Vogue' Tap Semmer As New Video Executive
    Semmer will work to expand the magazine's video audience, which includes 5 million subscribers on Google's YouTube video-sharing site.
  • Magazine Writers Ride High On Hollywood's 'Peak Content' Wave
    TV production is booming as Netflix, Amazon, Apple and even Walmart search for content. Studios also like the idea of producing shows based on true stories because they generate more publicity.
  • WaPo's Arc Publishing Adds Subscription Tools
    Arc publishing plans to add machine learning to the subscription services platform. The technology can help identify readers most likely to subscribe.
  • 'Harvard Lampoon' Apologizes For Sexualized Image Of Anne Frank
    We've reached a nadir in our culture when students at an esteemed university like Harvard are cracking jokes about the Holocaust.
  • 'Seventeen' Returns To Print With Special College Issue
    The issue offers tips on studying, decorating dorm rooms, dating and meeting new people, but doesn't have a celebrity on the cover.
  • Buffett's BH Media Names Hires Macke To Oversee 3 Newspapers
    Rich Macke is now the publisher of the 'Star-Herald', 'Gering Courier' and 'Hemingford Ledger.' He sees their role as a watchdog of the community.
  • 'Women's Weekly' Tops 'Better Homes & Gardens' As Most-Read Australian Magazine
    Australia's magazine readership rose 1.6% in the past year, a modestly positive sign that its publishers can maintain or grow their print and online audiences.
  • Google Highlights How Its Lens App Works With Magazines
    Google Lens can bring magazines to life. By pointing a smartphone camera at a recipe page in 'Bon Appetit,' readers can see a video on how to make the dish.
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