Amobee Makes It Easier For Local CTV Advertisers To Buy, Measure Media

Amobee recently launched a data marketplace for connected TV advertising to provide brands and agencies with access to a library of data across connected TV and cross-screen campaigns. The changes also make the media buying and measurement process easier and more affordable for local media CTV buyers.

The integration with more than 60 data providers and marketplaces like Oracle Data Cloud, LiveRamp Data Store, IRI, Inscape, Lotame, Eyeota, and TruOptik gives advertisers access to more than 50,000 audience segments to create targeted campaigns for connected TV.  

Aleck Schleider, senior vice president of client strategy at Amobee TV, who manages data strategies, explains that the company took the data and made changes to its device graph, allowing it to use IP addresses and more to move audience targeting into connected TV.

Prior to the announcement, Amobee had the ability to offer some CTV capabilities through TruOptik, but the change opened a variety of targeting and measurement capabilities that had been somewhat limited. “We were dancing around it,” Schleider said. “Now it’s fully functional.”



Brands and agencies now have access to more audiences they can apply to CTV, even the type of data that identifies when someone visits a brand’s website. It makes CTV more affordable for local, smaller advertisers. 

The data includes anonymized data from loyalty cards, credit cards, demographic data, and more.  

Schleider said the application complements a broader use of technology for television by taking audiences from linear TV and trying to understand how to reach those who are exposed to certain ads.

A digital video buyer would benefit from geolocation data, and data revealing transactions, such as insights around people who buy certain products and shop at specific stores based on very recent purchases.

“We know these consumers visit Arby’s a lot,” he said, pointing to transactional and location data. “We can deliver them a competitive or promotional ad.”

The purchase gets anonymously attributed to a household.

The CTV data marketplace maps individual devices and cookies to anonymized households for connected TV and cross-screen targeting through a massive library of third-party audience segments.

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