• The Numbers Behind AI-Enabled Contextually Targeted Ads
    A recent survey suggests viewers pay less attention, are less interested and have a lower opinion of brands if they are advertised in an unsuitable context and are not relevant. AI-enabled contextually targeted ads can change that.
  • Wrong Ads Serve To The Wrong Consumer 1 In 3 Times
    A study shows about half of U.S. advertisers surveyed would not know an ad ran next to unsuitable or unsafe content until a day or more later, according to research from Advertiser Perceptions and Claravine.
  • California's Solution To Online Privacy Has Holes
    The Delete Act, which allows California residents to make one request to remove their information from all data brokers registered in the state, could create unintended structural consequences for the ad industry.
  • CTV Media Eyes Active Attention Metrics
    KERV Interactive is looking to measure attention in CTV media by using something its chief revenue officer called "dynamic personalized scans."
  • Behind Bid Shading's $6.6B Failure
    Bid shading is a popular programmatic ad strategy, but was created as an unhappy compromise between first and second price auctions. What about inventory forecasting?
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