• Amazon Data Mishandling Suggests Ad Industry Needs High-Security Clearance Certification Process
    Analysis of internal documents reveals how employees abuse customer data, stalk celebrities, and do little to plug major leaks. The clearance would reduce or eliminate some instances of data mishandling.
  • MediaMath Co-Founder Joins Audigent As President With A Lot Of Bright Ideas
    Greg Williams wants to invent an "easy button" that enables marketers to instantly determine how to best allocate budgets for brands. Here's what he's thinking as he joins Audigent as president.
  • Pixalate Increases Ad Supply Path Transparency To Identify Fraud Risk
    Pixalate has created technology that analyzes the path of programmatic impressions -- from the start of each transaction through to the final sale.
  • SQL - Marketers Need To Know This Geeky Side Of Data Cleanrooms
    Every marketer working with data to run campaigns should know something about Microsoft's SQL language built to manage and store information, says Steven Urgo, data insights analyst, Goodway Group.
  • Crypto Company Leases NYC Iconic Billboard Once Home To CNN Logo For Three Years
    An iconic out-of-home digital billboard once home to the CNN logo will now begin to display the name of Crypto exchange Gemini. For the past week, the billboard pulled phrases from Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoin white paper in honor of its 13th anniversary this past Saturday and flashed them across the screen.