• NBCUniversal's 'Trolls World Tour' Influencer Campaign Skyrockets Digital Data To Success
    When the theatrical release of "Trolls World Tour" failed to materialize after the COVID-19 pandemic set in and shut down movie theaters nationwide, NBCU needed another plan. Pulling a major theatrical release predicted to become one of its highest-grossing of the year wasn't an easy decision, but rather than wait for movie theaters to re-open, NBCUniversal pushed the major release out to digital services -- a bold move, given the circumstances.
  • A Startup Pays Consumers For Privacy-Compliant Data It Sells To Brands
    Last week Killi began rolling out PayCheck, an opt-in reoccurring weekly payment system that supports data sharing. The company pays users to share location, shopping, browsing, and spending data and then sells that data, and splits profits with users, which means half.
  • Polls Are Off In Predicting Election Results -- Can Marketers Trust Marketing Data?
    The validity of research came into question again following the 2020 presidential election. How could research companies not predict a tighter outcome between President Elect Joe Biden and President Trump?
  • Fitness Equipment Brands Capitalize On Data Through Membership Services
    Lockdown has driven high demand for at-home exercise equipment and a gold mine of data for manufacturers like Mirror and Peloton, athletic clothing designers like Lululemon Athletica, and app makers like Apple and Google.
  • Dentsu Undergoes Transformation To Weave Automation, AI Into Global Processes
    Dentsu is teaching employees to build virtual assistants that do repetitive tasks, freeing employees up to focus on more creative tasks that drive better business results for the agency.