• Zero-Click Era Requires Interesting Data Partnerships
    Reach and addressability to connect brands to consumers without cookies may seem simple, but without multiple targeting options, prompting consumers to click on an ad can be complicated.
  • Metrics And Measurement: Data Behind CTV Integration With Digital Media
    Skai is working to build its streaming and CTV services. It has traditionally offered ad products related to search, social media and retail media.
  • Ad Targeting Through Large Language Models
    Tessa Burg, CTO at digital marketing agency Mod Op, focuses on "getting creative about capturing information" about an audience and users while respecting privacy. The secret is using LLMs and create a platform that "listens" for what consumers do and don't like.
  • Yelp Works To Cash In On AI
    Yelp believes it can drive more demand for businesses through AI technology. Its OpenAI-powered Yelp Assistant can find service providers in a specific area and write requests for jobs.
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