• City Furniture To Use Beacons, Data To Personalize In-Store Experiences
    Beacons will give City Furniture the ability to monitor how long a consumer spends with a piece of furniture in its showrooms -- like the time spent on a Web page looking at content.
  • Facebook Moves Video Targeting To Audience Direct For Publishers
    Facebook on Tuesday said the company will start testing a new self-service tool called Audience Direct that lets publishers sell video ad space directly to advertisers using Facebook's people-based advertising platform.
  • Time Earned Video Metric Shows Extra Seconds Count When Targeting Ads
    On average, marketers have tripled their 15-second investment without buying more time simply by adding interactive features to their video ads, according to a study released Tuesday.
  • Behavorial Changes Seen More In Men Who Own Virtual Assistants
    Men who own virtual assistants are more likely to change their shopping, online search, and media consumption behavior, compared with women who own these devices, according to data from Toluna, a digital consumer insights company.
  • Facebook Denies Targeting Youths Based On Emotional State
    Facebook has denied targeting users as young as 14 years old who feel emotionally "overwhelmed" and "anxious," after The Australian reportedly gained access to a document showing advertisers how to reach this market segment.