• Creative Data Integrates With Optimization Analytics For New Performance Metrics
    VidMob has built tools on top of technology in Amazon Web Services that provide a never-ending loop of creating and learning, comparing a variety of attributes with frame-by-frame performance data before providing actionable insights back to brands.
  • What Mathematics Taught Lotame's Newly Appointed Head Of Global Data Solutions
    How can the industry move to a model that transacts on accuracy as a common currency? And what are the differences in managing data in Asia vs. the U.S.?
  • Criteo Hires Industry Expert To Focus On Retail Media
    The notion of retail media supporting brand-funded ads on retail sites drives Criteo's growth, with a focus on brands "monetizing their assets" such as site traffic, placement and customer data through the retailer.
  • Consumer Attention Metrics Now Used To Optimize Campaigns
    Parsec Media is measuring consumer attention and other metrics in real-time, highlighting how much money is wasted in "under exposure and over exposure" of ads, said CEO Marc Guldimann.