Creative Data Integrates With Optimization Analytics For New Performance Metrics

Creative data, a new category of first-party data that ties together with optimization metrics, has been made possible by a company working with Amazon to give marketers more insight into the performance of the advertisement.  

“It’s something that didn’t exist before -- folks didn’t have access to this type of data,” said Alex Collmer, founder and CEO of VidMob. "It's an entirely new way of looking at media through computer vision and understanding the why of performance."

More than half of brands selling products on Amazon don’t use advertising tools to improve optimization efforts, eMarketer estimates.

VidMob worked with Amazon to build “creative insights” technology on top of the Amazon Web Services suite of tools.

In beta, the new offering, Agile Creative Studio, allows for nearly instant insights into metadata and viewer sentiment. The technology allows marketers to look at an individual ad and the metrics behind it to better understand how consumers react to the advertisement and its message.



VidMob then takes that data and offers insights into changing the creative assets to improve on the consumer response.

The “creative intelligence tools” within the platform can analyze all of a brand’s historical media, frame by frame. The platform uses computer vision to understand the attributes such as the words and languages that are spoken. It identifies when trademarks come into view, and even the directions in which people look, as well as the sentiment.

This never-ending loop of creating and learning takes the attributes and compares them with frame-by-frame performance data before providing actionable insights back to brands.

VidMob’s creative and analytics platform ties together to give brands an immediate response on how to optimize their campaigns. The platform relies on several Amazon technologies such as Amazon Rekogntion to power the computer vision technology, Amazon Transcribe, to understand the spoken words, and Amazon Comprehend to understand meaning and emphasis.

The next step will take VidMob into comparables. Brands will have the ability to view other media running in their industry, such as automotive or hospitality, to benchmark their own media’s performance. The media includes video and display.

The company is also building mobile fitness and creative health scores to access media and its expected performance prior to investing the media dollars.

In addition to having worked with brands such as Nilla Wafers and Netflix, VidMob also serves media agencies such as Ogilvy and Publicis.

VidMob’s simple strategy began by giving marketers access to creative pieces they can use on one or more platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest or YouTube. Marketers would log into VidMob, create a brief about what they need and specify the platforms they want to market on, and would then be matched with creatives that could deliver the request.

By the end of 2017 the APIs -- which gathered performance data -- became the fodder for a new tool that explains why and how the ads work, beyond just confirming that they work. At the end of 2018 all that changed.


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