• Verified Pre-Bid Data Offered To Media Buys Through InMarket, Location Sciences Partnership
    InMarket executives say the company has become the first to integrate Location Sciences verification services into its platform. The idea is to audit the location data audience sets prior to media buyers making the purchase.
  • Average CPM For Location-Based Audiences Might Surprise Marketers
    The Location-Based Marketing Benchmark Report by Reveal Mobile analyzes cost and examines how digital marketers use location data and run location-based marketing at agencies and brands In the U.S.
  • How Wi-Fi Data Forecasts A Return To 'Normal' Amidst COVID-19
    Zenreach analyzes foot traffic through aggregated Wi-Fi data it collects from consumers in physical locations who opt in for free Wi-Fi access in exchange for their email address. The local Wi-Fi becomes a sensor, enabling Zenreach to track every device that comes into a location.
  • FTC Probe Of Mobile Ad Industry Puts Bidstream Data Under Microscope
    Lawmakers asked the FTC to investigate the ad industry's tracing and tracking of consumers using digital display ads. Few "Americans realize that companies are siphoning off and storing" data to compile profiles on them, they said in a letter.
  • Motivational-Based Targeting Using 265 Psychological Traits Comes To Marketing
    Research Measurement Technologies and Semasio are announcing technology that understands peoples' motivations by analyzing psychological traits and consolidating them into motivational segments they call "clusters."