• From Experian And Equifax To Infutor, Why Data Guru Kevin Dean Will Never Stop Asking 'Why'
    The best piece of advice Kevin Dean, newly appointed COO at Infutor Data Solutions, received throughout his career came from John Healy, managing director at Deloitte Digital, as he left a role at Cendant.
  • How WildBrain's Kids Digital Entertainment Network Lives On Data
    Data powers just about everything entertainment media company WildBrain does, from building content to merchandising, said Jon Gisby, EVP, managing director at the company's digital division, WildBrain Spark.
  • Ad-Lib, Google Display & Video 360 Integration Connects Creative, Media, Claims First Rights
    Ad-Lib on Monday will announce a direct integration with Google Display & Video 360, providing a way to combine creative and media workflows to boost campaign performance.
  • RTB House Creates Streaming Video Ads, First Major Product From AI Marketing Lab
    The RTB House AI Marketing Lab acts as a creator and incubator for the company's technology, where retailers and brands like Neiman Marcus and Zulily can test strategies.