RTB House Creates Streaming Video Ads, First Major Product From AI Marketing Lab

RTB House is using deep learning, artificial intelligence and first-party data to create streaming video ads aimed at attracting consumers before they are aware of a particular brand or a product, but also during the final stages when they are trying to make up their mind about what to buy.

The product — RTB House Streaming Video Ads — that makes it possible is the first major product with full-funnel capabilities released from the company’s AI Marketing Lab created in 2018, with a $5 million first-year investment.

The lab acts as a creator and an incubator for the company’s technology, where retailers and brands like Neiman Marcus and Zulily can test strategies.

Consumer behavior is changing quickly. “Sometimes you’ll buy data and two months later the audience will change,” said Gary Burtka, vice president of U.S. operations at RTB House, which uses its own data.

RTB House Streaming Video Ads lets brands find new consumers, which Burtka called a “pretty big pivot” in the company’s business model. The company, which also partners with agencies, buys a lot of Google inventory, but also competes against some of its services. 



Signals that might determine the type of ad served up include whether or not the person downloaded pricing, are they looking for a nearby store or visited certain categories repeatedly on a retailer’s website. Did they read the description, view the video, or engage with content on the website.

Burtka said the company collects a variety of data to determine the level of engagement.

“Then context AI allows the technology to analyze the websites visits and try to classify a lifestyle, adventure or things they like,” he said. “Other things like timeliness. Have they been to the weather channel? Are they traveling or getting weather reports on Arizona or going to the beach?”

When Wyzowl study participants were asked how they’d most like to learn about a product or service, 66% said they’d prefer to watch a short video. An additional 84% reported they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

RTB House Streaming Video Ads are constantly updated allowing advertisers to execute consistent brand strategies. It uses deep learning.

“A deep learning platform can analyze up to 200,000 data points to make a prediction,” he said. “It requires much more data to make an accurate prediction. It requires data not typically seen as significantly significant. … It looks at correlations that typically wouldn’t be on the radar.”

It’s part of a larger initiative to leverage AI to navigate the cookieless world. The company wants to ensure the products recommended are useful without creating privacy concerns.

All Streaming Video Ad formats offer key performance indicators that measure the video’s branding impact. Advanced analytics track a user’s interaction with the brand to provide insights that allow marketers tailor strategies.

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