• Why The Signal AI Deal To Buy KELP Is Important
    With the acquisition, Signal AI continues to build a platform to provide data and insights to help mitigate risks, issues and threats by aggregating unstructured data from news and social media, regulatory and broadcast data, to product reviews and a company's internal data.
  • Study Shows How Business Values Are Changing, What It Means For Advertising
    There is overwhelming support for a democratic coalition of supplying countries to come together for the good of humanity. About 30% of respondents are from advertising, marketing, PR, and consulting and design, according to Oomiji.
  • Focus Turns To Retail Media And Less Expensive Items For Remainder Of Year
    Retail companies now have data companies analyzing ad trends to determine the outcome of sales. Pacvue's Q2 2022 CPC report looks at ad and major retail media trends across Amazon, Walmart and Instacart.
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