• IPG Acxiom Global CEO Learned To Love Marketing From Rock Band KISS
    Engelgau's love for marketing began with music and the way the band KISS has marketed the experience and entertainment it provides to fans.
  • Consumers Hoard Cash As Brands Appeal To Work-From-Home Situation
    A McKinsey & Company study released this weekend reveals that 42% believe the U.S. will be impacted for six to 12 months and will stagnate or show slow growth following the turnaround. It really will depend on the agility of companies to kick production into high gear as demand returns.
  • Think It Forward, Says Freckle CEO Neil Sweeney
    Sweeney starts, runs and sells successful startups by recognizing a deficiency in a specific type of business. When it came to offline measurement, the focus turned to how television, search, social and other media supports foot traffic into stores and physical locations.
  • Ex-Amazon Data, Ecommerce Guru Finds Link Between Business And Football
    Managing real-time pricing, promotions and inventory isn't easy. Michael Lagoni, CEO at Stackline, says the work ethic is the correlation between running a business and professional football.
  • Time To Overhaul The Industry Data Labeling System
    Data experts at Lotame believe it's time to stop using antiquated terms to label first-, second-, third-party data and search for some updated terms.
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