• IAB Tech Lab To Strengthen Data's Worth
    David Justus, Lotame vice president and IAB Tech Lab Data Transparency Standards Working Group co-chair, provides a glimpse into the possibilities made available through the IAB Tech Lab's framework for the labeling system announced about a month ago.
  • Schlage Takes Innovative Programmatic Media-Buying Approach To TV
    When The Basement became Schlage's agency of record in 2017, it transitioned the door hardware brand's ad-buying strategy from traditional linear TV to programmatic, resulting in a year-over-year sales growth of about 30% online and more than 9% in stores.
  • Behavioral Targeting For Health Care Takes Twist To Prove ROI
    Tomorrow Networks has developed a way to measure its pharmaceutical clients' campaigns that goes beyond traditional digital metrics, which the company's executives believes will work in other industries.
  • Identifying Travel Patterns Improves Ad Targeting For Other Categories
    If you market to travelers, which many marketers do, considering lifestyles shouldn't be an option. Travel plans can tell marketers a lot about a consumer's lifestyle and buying habits, such as the type of climate they prefer, the annual amount they will spend on non-discretionary items, and preferences for either low-dollar or high-dollar brands.
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