• How PepsiCo's Kevin Moeller Became A Data Rock Star
    Moeller leads the media insights and analytics team across North America, a new role that increased media measurement and insights capabilities, allowing the company to take more of an ownership approach internally when it comes to how $1 billion in media is spent in North America.
  • JET8 Makes Data The Currency In Social Media
    JET8 plans to enter the U.S. after building a following in emerging markets, with its white-label branded social platform that lets users earn money for sharing their content. The move fits into legislation being worked on by California Governor Gavin Newsom and state lawmakers.
  • IAB Data Rock Star Jason Bier Named ALC General Counsel, Chief Privacy Officer
    Jason Bier is a rock star in data, numbers, and using internet technology to help mankind. He formed the Federation for Internet Alerts along with others, which uses ad inventory to send Amber Alerts.
  • Infutor Takes On Programmatic And Privacy
    Developers are working in beta to test Infutor's TruthSet Digital Device Graph and Digital Suite, which are focused on solving challenges facing the programmatic market such as targeting and privacy.
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