• Fragile But Resilient
    Brands are out of runway for relying on price rather than volume to deliver organic top-line growth. Brands cannot continue to rely on ever-higher prices for growth.
  • What's The Second Largest Part Of Client Budgets, Yet Unmanaged And Unmeasured?
    If you guessed sponsorships, you probably also figured out that it may represent a big opportunity for people already familiar with managing and measuring the ROI of media.
  • Racism Against Native Americans May Be Embedded in Your Business
    Native American Heritage Month is a time to recognize the ancestry and traditions of Native Americans. As marketers, we are obligated to stop discrimination, which can live in our words and actions.
  • Sustainable Ad Practices: Good For The Planet, And The Bottom Line
    Today there is growing pressure for marketers to measure and decrease the emissions produced by their ad campaigns. This isn't just a moral imperative. It's a commercial one too.
  • A Better Steward Than Brands
    When social issues are added to a brand's portfolio, purpose is often poorly served. The learning curve is steep, distractions build up and focus gets lost. Anything not central to making money is always vulnerable.
  • Why Crafting An Effective Media Plan Is Like An Endurance Sport
    Endurance training and media planning both require discipline, dedication, adaptability and a focus on long-term vision. Whether you're cranking on a 2024 plan or signing up for a future race, some common rules apply.
  • Does Accreditation Still Matter? (Um, Yes)
    It's been six months since I stopped putting quotation marks around the term "JIC" when writing about the U.S.'s joint industry committee, but I'm starting to rethink my logic.
  • What's Your Plan For Q5?
    For many, planning four quarters may seem difficult enough in these volatile times, but now there's a fifth one. At least that's what Meta and TikTok have been pushing. Here's why.
  • Invest In Value
    Value delivered to customers is what creates value for the bottom line. The converse is also true - when you take value away from customers, the business will suffer.
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