• Nielsen, GWI Unveil Fused Data Product Representing 250M Americans
    Publicis Media helped develop the new service and is working on integrating it into its planning and buying systems.
  • Who's Duping Whom?
    Comscore claims it can now de-dupe social audience reach, but it's only measuring three platforms -- Facebook, Instagram and X -- not the entire universe of unique social media users. Does social need a universe estimate?
  • The Joy Of Planning
    As far as media planning KPIs go, joy is a pretty ambitious lift, but that's what General Mills' Thomas Donovan is going for. And not just because it's his birthday today.
  • What Happens When You Combine Cuebiq Data With VideoAmp?
    If you're eyeglasses marketer Luxottica, you see a rather large increase in Sunglass Hut store traffic and more efficient cost-per-store-visit.
  • The Cost Of Money
    Consumers are always deciding what has enough value to keep in the "spend-money" bucket and what can be tossed into the "save-money" one. Brands that reduce value during tough times also take away the reasons consumers have for buying them.
  • Carbon Cleanup In Aisle Nine
    While Kroger still is working on a metric measuring the carbon output of off-site digital buys, it has become the first retail media giant to do it for its on-site buys.
  • The AI-Generated Media Planning Arms Race
    On the battlefield of planning and buying, humans are losing to machines as AI-generated sites expand faster than planners can track them. The solution, ironically, may also be AI.
  • UM's New Media Commerce Lab And The Marva-Lous Mrs. Sealy
    "We can observe how people shop, identify emerging trends in behaviors, and test new approaches in real-time, with the goal of supercharging our clients' and our own commerce efforts now and in the future," boasts UM's Joe DeMiero.
  • The Long Plan: A Conversation With Retired P&G Media Chief Gerry D'Angelo
    My first question to D'Angelo: "What is the No. 1 insight or epiphany you can share with our readers?" His answer might surprise you.
  • The Good News, Bad News For Planners & Buyers
    On the upside, the WFA report reveals relatively little immediate threat to traditional agency planners and buyers from either in-house or specialist roster agencies. The bad news is that they will need to become more agile, flexible and responsive to shifts in evolving media agency models.
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