• It's Not TV, It's DOOH
    Eight in ten ad execs are recommending the medium in the media plans for next year, and four in ten consider it an extension of their TV plans.
  • Sometimes, Let Go
    The lesson of New Coke is that there often comes a time when we must let go. It's true in everything, from business to careers to politics. With that must come the discipline of failing up -- test, learn, revise. And sometimes, let go.
  • This Year's Model: Multi-Retailer Attribution
    It was bound to happen, but this week I finally got my first pitch for a story about "multi-retailer attribution" model.
  • Vast Majority Of Planners Still Rely On Spreadsheets
    For those who fear advanced AI will soon replace the manual functions of media planning, new research indicates most advertisers and agencies still are pretty old school when it comes to the process, relying on spreadsheets -- not even dashboards.
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