• Texas AG And Twitter Continue Feud Over Trump Ban
    Twitter, Facebook and YouTube blocked Donald Trump's account in early January of 2021, shortly after his supporters rioted in an attempt to prevent the Senate from confirming Joe Biden's presidential victory. Ever since, Twitter has been battling Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who contends he should be able to investigate whether Twitter violated a Texas law against false advertising.
  • NY AG's Probe Of Twitch, Other Platforms In Buffalo Massacre's Wake Faces Uphill Battle
    "The terror attack in Buffalo has once again revealed the depths and danger of the online forums that spread and promote hate," said New York Attorney General Letitia James. But Section 230 may block any effective criminal or even civil action.
  • New Bill Would Create Agency To Oversee Tech Platforms
    "It's past time for a comprehensive approach to regulating digital platforms that have amassed extraordinary power over America's economy, society and democracy," Senator Michael Bennet said Thursday.
  • Broadband Industry Drops Challenge To California Net Neutrality Law
    After almost four years of litigation, the broadband industry has abandoned its quest to nix California's net neutrality rules.
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