• Court Confirms 1-800 Contacts' Antitrust Victory Against FTC
    In a defeat for the Federal Trade Commission, a federal appeals court in New York on Thursday rejected a request to reconsider its earlier decision to clear 1-800 Contacts of antitrust charges involving agreements to restrict search advertising.
  • Facebook Critics Cheer FTC's New Antitrust Case
    "Big technology companies like Facebook should not have free reign to impose their will on the market," Senator Amy Klobuchar says.
  • Apple Faces Growing Criticism Over Smartphone Scanning Plan
    "Apple's current path threatens to undermine decades of work by technologists, academics and policy advocates towards strong privacy-preserving measures being the norm across a majority of consumer electronic devices and use cases," states an online petition signed by the New York Public Library and other groups.
  • Apple To Search Users' iPhones For Illegal Photos
    Apple famously touts itself as the pro-privacy tech company, but it's rolling out new surveillance software that experts find troubling.
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