• Texas Transformed Social Media Platforms Into 'Common Carriers,' AG Argues
    Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other large platforms no longer have the First Amendment right to "discriminate against different views," because state lawmakers turned the companies into "common carriers," Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton argues.
  • Location Data Gleaned From Apps Handed Over Feds, Broker Admits
    The data broker Mobilewalla, which has faced questions about its practices since at least last year, has now acknowledged to a U.S. senator that location data collected from app developers ended up in the hands of the federal government.
  • Advocates And Ad Industry Already At Odds Over California's New Privacy Law
    California's newest version of its privacy law, slated to take effect in 2023, has some ambiguities already prompting disagreements between the ad industry and privacy advocates.
  • FCC Urged To Close Loopholes That Limit Broadband Options In Apartments
    The FCC should issue new regulations that would prohibit landlords from interfering with new broadband carriers, the advocacy group Open Technology Institute argues.