• Senate Democrats Urge FCC To Preserve Broadband Privacy Rules
    FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's recent move to roll back broadband privacy rules will leave subscribers more vulnerable to hackers, lawmakers say.
  • Privacy Advocates Slam Pai For Weakening Online Security
    "With this suspension of privacy rules, Chairman Pai is allowing Internet Service Providers to ignore best data security practices," Sen. Ed Markey says.
  • Montana May Regulate 'Faceprints'
    A proposed biometric privacy bill in Montana is drawing support from the digital rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation, which argues that new laws are needed to protect people from privacy threats posed by facial recognition technology.
  • FCC Chips Away At Net Neutrality, Exempts 'Small' ISPs From Disclosure Rules
    The Republican-dominated FCC voted to exempt broadband providers with fewer than 250,000 customers from truth-in-pricing rules.
  • 'Gag Clauses' Illegal, FTC Reminds Marketers
    The FTC this week told companies to review their standardized contracts and remove any clauses that prohibit consumers from posting honest reviews.
  • Silicon Valley Bashes DHS Proposal To Require Social Media Log-Ins
    "This proposal would enable border officials to invade people's privacy by examining years of private emails, texts, and messages," critics stated today.
  • AT&T: Time Warner Merger Will Benefit Consumers
    "AT&T and Time Warner will create exciting new ways for consumers to enjoy video anytime, anywhere, and on any device," company executives said in a letter to lawmakers.
  • Libraries, Law Professors Back ReDigi In Fight Over 'Used' Music
    A federal judge's ruling against ReDigi effectively stripped consumers of their right to re-sell digital media, copyright experts argue.
  • GOP Senator Preps Resolution To Revoke Broadband Privacy Rules
    Republican Senator Jeff Flake, who opposes the Federal Communications Commission's broadband privacy rules, reportedly says he's readying a resolution to rescind them.
  • T-Mobile Counters Verizon, Boosts 'Unlimited' Data
    Lest there were any doubt, the events of this week have made clear that the word "unlimited" has lost its usual meaning -- at least when it comes to wireless plans.
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