• Apple Faces Pushback On Capitol Hill Over Location Privacy Protections
    "I'm increasingly concerned about the use of privacy as a shield for anti-competitive conduct," Rep. David Cicilline reportedly said.
  • Ad Industry Pushes National Privacy Law, Would Override California Measure
    "Policy affecting the entire consumer economy and consumers nationwide is being shaped by Europe and a single state," the coalition Privacy for America said in a letter sent to lawmakers Thursday.
  • Google To Stop Including Information About Publishers' Content In Auctions
    In a move Google is framing as protective of privacy, the company says it will stop including information about the type of material on a publisher's page in the bid requests it sends to buyers participating in Google auctions.
  • Advocates Blast IAB Over 'Bad Faith' Interpretation Of California Privacy Law
    "We are disappointed that IAB appears to adopt contorted legal interpretations of the CCPA in order to avoid making any meaningful changes to the ad tech data sharing practices that were the fundamental motivation behind the law," Consumer Reports and other groups write.