• Facebook Revises 'Real Name' Policy
    Facebook will test new procedures aimed at making it easier for people to preserve profiles with nicknames.
  • Campaign Against Backpage A 'Major Threat To Free Expression,' EFF Argues
    Sheriff Thomas Dart's showdown with Backpage.com could have ripple effects that go far beyond the fate of the classifieds site and its controversial adult ads.
  • People Allowed To Tinker With Tablets And Smart TVs, Copyright Office Says
    In 2010, smartphone users won the right to jailbreak their phones in order to install new software or apps. Now that right is being extended to tablets and smart TVs.
  • Sheriff's Crusade Against Backpage Called 'Grave Threat' To Rights
    The libertarian organization Cato Institute is siding with Backpage.com in its ongoing battle with Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart over adult ads.
  • Broadband Providers Face Fraud Probe By NY Attorney General
    Verizon, Cablevision and Time Warner Cable are facing questions from the New York Attorney General about whether they are duping consumers by delivering slower-than-advertised broadband service.
  • Roca Labs Suffers Defeats In Battle Over 'Gag Clauses'
    Weight loss company Roca Labs isn't having the best luck convincing judges to go along with its plan to squelch bad reviews.
  • Yelp Backs FTC In Fight Against 'Gag Clauses'
    Pushing back against the FTC, Roca Labs says the agency doesn't have the power "to dictate the terms of private contracts between private parties."
  • Twitter CEO Stirs Hope For Politwoops' Return
    This summer, Twitter stirred controversy by making it easier for politicians to bury their ill-advised tweets.
  • Digital Fingerprinting Poses 'Real Danger' To Internet, Watchdog Tells FTC
    The FTC should scrutinize companies that engage in digital "fingerprinting" -- which involves tracking users based on the characteristics of their devices -- the advocacy group CDT says.
  • Amazon Sues Hundreds Of Freelancers For Selling Fake Reviews
    Continuing to battle paid reviews, Amazon has accused more than 1,100 individuals of offering to positive good write-ups of ebooks and other products, for as little as $5 per critique.
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