• Tea Party Joins With Open Internet Advocates To Oppose AT&T-Time Warner Merger
    "We are deeply concerned that allowing these firms to join forces -- without significant conditions that fully address all competitive concerns -- would intolerably limit consumers' control over what they watch and where they get their information," groups write.
  • 'Honest Ads Act' Would Require Web Giants To Disclose Political Ads
    Large Silicon Valley companies that run political ads could face a host of new regulations, if a bipartisan bill unveiled Thursday becomes law.
  • Providers Balk At Proposal To Boost Broadband Definition
    Advocates also argue that the FCC should be raising the bar for internet service, not merely holding steady at 25 Mbps. But broadband providers say there's no reason to increase the current benchmark.
  • Mattel Axes Connected Device For Kids
    Faced with pushback from advocacy groups and lawmakers, Mattel reportedly has decided against releasing Aristotle, a connected device for children.