• Trump's Social Media Crackdown Violates Free Speech, Voter Groups Say
    "It is unlawfully retaliatory and coercive, sending a clear and chilling message: question President Trump and face retribution from the entire Executive Branch," Rock the Vote and other groups say in a new lawsuit.
  • Trump Tells Supreme Court He Has Right To Block Critics
    "Although President Trump is currently a public official, the @realDonaldTrump account belongs to him in his personal capacity, not his official one," the Justice Department argues in a petition seeking Supreme Court review.
  • Vocal California Advocacy Group Backs New Privacy Proposal
    "Under Prop 24, a consumer can limit the use of their sensitive information to stop Uber from profiling them based on race, stop Spotify from utilizing their precise geo-location and prevent Facebook from using their sexual orientation, health status or religion in its algorithms," Carmen Balber, executive director of Consumer Watchdog, stated Thursday.
  • FCC Commissioner Questions AT&T And Verizon About Location Data
    FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks is asking AT&T and Verizon about their "practices and procedures for protecting consumer information and "commitment to data privacy" -- specifically their involvement with real-time bidding for location data.
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