• Apple Defends iPhone Encryption To Congress
    Apple will tell the House Judiciary Committee tomorrow that "strong encryption" is the best way to protect people from identity theft.
  • AT&T Sues To Block Google Fiber In Kentucky
    AT&T filed a federal lawsuit to block a new measure aimed at enabling Google to create a fiber network in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • Apple Says iPhone Back Door 'Too Dangerous To Build'
    Today, the FBI is seeking to force Apple to write software to cripple iPhone encryption. Tomorrow, the authorities could demand that Apple write software to activate an iPhone's video camera or location services in order to spy on users, Apple warns in new court papers.
  • Apple Now Draws More Public Support Than FBI, New Poll Finds
    A new Ipsos survey for Reuters finds that 46% of Americans agree with Apple in its well-publicized encryption fight with the FBI.
  • FBI Should Drop Demand That Apple Crack iPhone, Lawmaker Says
    The "profound issues" raised by the FBI's demand that Apple create new back doors for the iPhone should be decided by Congress, not judges, a federal lawmaker says.
  • Apple Facing Uphill Public Relations Battle Against FBI
    The federal judiciary hasn't yet ruled on the FBI's encryption battle with Apple, but the government appears to be winning in the court of public opinion.
  • Tech Companies, Online Security Experts, Democratic Lawmakers Back Apple Against FBI
    Strong encryption "is the backbone of the Internet economy and vital for the protection of both free expression and privacy," say Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee.
  • FCC Moves Forward With Google-Backed Plan To Unlock The Cable Box
    The Federal Communications Commission voted today to move forward with a controversial plan for new cable box rules that would let people more easily watch TV on smartphones, tablets and other devices.
  • Senators Raise Concerns About Charter Merger
    The leaders of the Senate antitrust committee are raising concerns about Charter's plan to merge with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks.
  • FCC Set-Top-Box Plan Creates 'Gaping Hole In Consumer Privacy,' Cable Industry Says
    The FCC Chairman's cable-box plan marks an "an assault on consumer privacy" that will allow "privacy scofflaws like Google" to collect yet more data, the cable industry says.
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