• FTC Presses Court To Reconsider Ruling In Broadband Throttling Battle
    A recent decision stripping the FTC of authority over AT&T takes on new significance in light of the telecom's proposed merger with Time Warner, the agency argues
  • Report: Facebook Lets Advertisers Prevent Minorities From Seeing Ads
    Facebook enables advertisers to prevent their ads from being shown to users who belong to certain "ethnic affinity" groups, according to a new investigation by ProPublica.
  • ANA Vows To Fight 'Misguided' Broadband Privacy Rules
    "ANA is committed to seeing these rules undone, either by court challenges or action on Capitol Hill to reverse this extreme overreach by the agency," the organization said Thursday.
  • FCC Passes Broadband Privacy Rules, Prohibits Behavioral Advertising By ISPs Without Opt-In Consent
    Broadband providers must obtain consumers' opt-in consent before drawing on their browsing history or app usage for ad targeting, under new rules passed Thursday by the Federal Communications Commission.
  • Google Suspends Fiber Rollout
    Google is retreating from an ambitious program to extend its Gigabit fiber service to new neighborhoods.
  • Regulators May Prevent ISPs From Forcing Subscribers Into Arbitration
    The FCC is considering a proposal to ban broadband providers from forcing people to sign mandatory arbitration clauses as a condition of receiving service.
  • HBO Now May Not Survive AT&T-Time Warner Merger, Lawmaker Warns
    AT&T's planned merger with Time Warner "would create a mega media conglomerate with both the incentive and ability to use its platform to harm consumers and competitors alike," Sen. Al Franken warns regulators.
  • FTC Urged To Crack Down On 'Influencer Marketing' Aimed At Kids
    Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood and other groups tell the FTC that some forms of digital ads, including "influencer marketing," are inherently deceptive when directed at children.
  • Backpage CEO, Shareholders Seek Dismissal Of 'Outrageous' Pimping Charges
    California Attorney General Kamala Harris abused her power by charging Backpage's CEO and two of its shareholders with "pimping," they say in new court papers.
  • Ad Industry: Tough Privacy Rules Will 'Undercut' Internet Marketplace
    The ad industry is stepping up its fight against proposed privacy rules that would restrict broadband providers' ability to use data about subscribers' Web activity for ad targeting.
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