• New Bill Would Ban Behavioral Targeting Of Minors
    The Protecting the Information of our Vulnerable Children and Youth Act, introduced Thursday by Rep. Kathy Castor, would prohibit companies that appeal to users under 18 from serving ads to them based on their behavior or personal information.
  • Bill Seeks To Strip Websites Of Protections For False COVID-19 Information Posted By Users
    President Joe Biden recently accused Facebook of "killing people" by allowing false information about the COVID-19 vaccines to spread on the platform.
  • Amazon Hit With Lawsuit By Feds Over Dangerous Merchandise
    Amazon has allowed outside vendors to use its platform to sell flammable nightgowns for children, defective carbon monoxide detectors and hair dryers that fail to meet Underwriters Laboratories' safety standards.
  • Colorado Governor Signs Privacy Law Giving Consumers Right To Reject Ad Targeting
    Colorado is joining California, Virginia and Maine in requiring companies to allow state residents to wield more control over ad personalization.
  • Judge Throws Out Vaccine Critics' 'Censorship' Lawsuit Against Facebook
    A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr's Children's Health Defense against Facebook over its policies regarding vaccine-related posts.