• Kim Kardashian Updates Instagram Ad For Morning Sickness Drug
    Responding to criticism by the Food and Drug Administration, pharmaceutical company Duchesnay and celebrity Kim Kardashian have updated her Instagram account by posting warnings about the anti-nausea drug Diclegis.
  • Social Media Guru Danah Boyd Sides With Yahoo In Text-Spam Battle
    Well-known social media expert Danah Boyd is backing Yahoo in a lawsuit alleging that the company violated a consumer protection law by sending unsolicited SMS messages.
  • Google Defends Search Results To EU Antitrust Officials
    Google fired back against EU antitrust officials today, arguing that its search results aren't anticompetitive. On the contrary, the company says, its search engine drives traffic to competitors.
  • AT&T Intercepts WiFi Traffic To Inject Ads
    AT&T has confirmed that it recently intercepted Web traffic at WiFi hotspots in order to inject ads into the pages that users were visiting.
  • Illinois Sheriff Can Resume Campaign Against Backpage
    Thomas Dart, the crusading sheriff of Cook County, Ill., is free to resume lobbying against classifieds site Backpage.com, thanks to a new decision by U.S. District Court Judge John Tharp, Jr.
  • Twitter Lets Politicians Send Tweets Down Memory Hole
    Twitter no longer allows the Open Source Foundation to track politicians' deleted tweets. "Deleting a tweet is an expression of the user's voice," the company reportedly said.
  • FilmOn Wants Appeals Court To Uphold Surprise Victory Over Broadcasters
    FilmOn wants the 9th Circuit to uphold a ruling that could speed cord-cutting.
  • Cablevision Ordered To Stop Saying Verizon Lies About Broadband
    A federal judge has ordered Cablevision to stop running ads that accuse Verizon of lying about its FiOS service.
  • Will Regulators Target Kim Kardashian For 'Misleading' Instagram Ad?
    Kim Kardashian's Instagram ad for a morning sickness drug flouts the FDA's long-established requirement that ads touting the benefit of drugs also disclose their risks and contraindications, the agency says.
  • Google, Facebook And Others Fight Request For 'Broad-Based Blocking Orders'
    Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter and Tumblr are asking a judge to reject the MPAA's request for a "breathtakingly broad" order in a piracy lawsuit.
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