• Web Users Embracing Ad Blockers
    Forty-five million U.S. Web users now deploy an ad blocker, marking a 48% increase from last year, according to a new report by Adobe and PageFair.
  • FCC To Consider Whether Data Caps, Privacy Practices Affect Broadband Adoption
    The FCC says it's seeking comments on whether to examine the impact of pay-per-byte billing models and privacy practices on broadband deployment. The move comes several weeks after lawmakers requested new privacy regulations.
  • Illinois Privacy Law Tested By 'Faceprint' Cases
    Recent lawsuits against Shutterfly and Facebook could test how a 2008 Illinois privacy law will apply to online services companies that store photos.
  • Tech Companies Back Amazon In Fight Over Search Results
    Google, Twitter, Pinterest, eBay and Yahoo are teaming up to defend Amazon's ability to decide how to display search engine results.
  • ACLU Warns That Mississippi's Anti-Google Campaign Threatens Web Users' Privacy
    Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood's attempt to subpoena information from Google could end up unmasking Web users who have made anonymous posts to Google.
  • Ad-Blocking Companies And EFF Unveil New 'Do Not Track' Standards
    The privacy group Electronic Frontier Foundation has released its own proposed definition of do-not-track, which requires Web companies to avoid collecting cookies, digital fingerprints or "supercookies" from users without their consent.
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