• Microsoft Calls For New Agency To Oversee And License AI
    "We need regulatory frameworks that anticipate and get ahead of the risks," Microsoft writes in a new report. "And we need to acknowledge the simple truth that not all actors are well-intentioned."
  • FTC Sounds Alarm On Biometric Data
    "Uses of biometric information or biometric information technology can pose significant risks to consumers," the FTC said in a policy statement adopted Thursday.
  • Social Media Not 'Inherently' Harmful Or Helpful To Teens, Report Says
    "In most cases, the effects of social media are dependent on adolescents' own personal and psychological characteristics and social circumstances," the American Psychological Association says in a new report.
  • FTC Chair Warns Of Dangers Posed By AI, Calls For Timely Regulation
    AI "can already do a vastly better job of crafting a seemingly authentic message than your average con artist," although it "may not be ready to replace professional writers," FTC Chair Lina Khan writes.
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