• Is Ad Blocking Fueled By Marketers' 'Race To The Bottom?'
    Retargeters that continually send the same ads to consumers may be fueling the recent surge in ad blocking, according to a Merkle executive who spoke at an Ad Week panel.
  • Backpage Similar To 'Silk Road,' Victims Tell Court
    A group of teen sex trafficking victims has asked a federal appellate court to revive their lawsuit accusing Backpage.com of facilitating trafficking through the design of its online classifieds site.
  • FTC's Julie Brill Tells Ad Tech Companies To Improve Privacy Protections
    The Federal Trade Commission's Julie Brill is taking the online ad industry to task for failing to move forward with a universal do-not-track mechanism.
  • Trump Threatens Cybersquatting Suit Against 'Donald Is Dumb' T-Shirt Vendor
    Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has sicced his lawyer on the operator of the Web site StopTrump.us, which launched earlier this summer.
  • Yelp, Twitter, And Others Urge Court To Uphold Net Neutrality Rules
    Without net neutrality rules, platforms for speech by users could disappear, Yelp, Twitter, Reddit and others argue in new court papers.
  • North Carolina, Tennessee Battle FCC Over Muni-Broadband Networks
    North Carolina and Tennessee officials have asked an appellate court to restore state laws that restrict cities from creating their own muni-broadband networks.
  • FCC Questions Charter, Time Warner About Online Competitors
    Regulators who are evaluating Charter's proposed $55 billion takeover of Time Warner want more information about their policies regarding online video distributors like Netflix.
  • Silicon Valley Urges Court To Uphold Net Neutrality Rules
    The new net neutrality regulations will help prevent broadband providers from transforming the Internet into a "walled garden" that resembles cable TV.
  • Developer Pulls Plug On Top-Selling Ad-Blocker
    The developer of the ad-blocker Peace pulled the popular app from Apple's App Store on Friday, just two days after it launched.
  • Apple Wants Supreme Court To Overturn E-Book Price-Fixing Verdict
    Apple intends to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a ruling that the company violated antitrust laws by masterminding a conspiracy to raise ebook prices, the company said this week in a new court filing.
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