• FCC Defends Net Neutrality Rules
    The new net neutrality rules are "designed to ensure that cable companies and telecoms deliver the Internet access they have promised," the FCC is telling an appellate court.
  • Entertainment Industry Must Consider Fair Use Before Demanding Takedowns
    Movie studios and record companies that discover clips of professional films or music online can't send takedown notices without first considering fair use, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled.
  • White House Supports Consumers' Right To Sue Data Brokers
    Joining a roster of privacy advocates, the Obama administration is urging the Supreme Court to rule that consumers have the right to sue data aggregators for posting incorrect information online.
  • Google Considers Bringing 1 GB Broadband To Three New Cities
    Google will evaluate whether to build a 1GB fiber-optic network in three new cities -- Louisville, Kentucky, Irvine, California and San Diego, California.
  • Watchdogs Ask Supreme Court To Let Consumers Sue Data Brokers
    Consumers have the right to sue data aggregators like Spokeo for distributing incorrect information to potential employers, a coalition of digital rights groups argues.
  • FTC Finalizes Deal With Nomi Over Location Tracking
    Rejecting objections by trade groups, the FTC has finalized a deal requiring retail tracking firm Nomi to promise that it won't in the future misrepresent its privacy policy.
  • Appeals Court Sides With Sony In Battle Over Data Retention
    Sony won't have to face a lawsuit for allegedly violating a video privacy law by retaining records about PlayStation users' movie-watching history, a federal appeals court said on Friday.
  • DMA Urges Members To Report Privacy Offenders
    The industry group Direct Marketing Association is urging its members to inform on privacy scofflaws who flout the industry's new self-regulatory mobile code.
  • Popcorn Time Users Sued For Piracy
    Producers of movie "Survivor" have sued 16 Comcast subscribers for infringing copyright by allegedly using the BitTorrent app Popcorn Time to download the film.
  • Supreme Court Urged To Let People Sue Data Aggregators Over Inaccurate Reports
    A Virginia resident who says Spokeo posted incorrect information about him is asking the Supreme Court to allow him to proceed with a potential class-action lawsuit against the company.
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