• Amazon: FCC Should Unlock Set-Top Boxes, Privacy Protections Not Needed
    Amazon is joining Google in asking for new set-top-box rules that would enable Web companies to develop boxes that can access pay-TV programs.
  • Comcast Ups Data Caps To 1,000 GB
    Faced with growing complaints about its broadband policies, Comcast said this week that it will increase consumers' caps to 1 Terabyte a month, up from the current limit of 300 Gigabytes a month.
  • Mississippi Attorney General Withdraws Google Subpoena
    Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood has withdrawn a subpoena demanding that Google provide him with millions of documents related to online copyright infringement.
  • Google Urges FCC To Unlock Cable Boxes, Says New Privacy Laws Not Needed
    Google is striking back at accusations that its set-top-box ambitions threaten people's privacy.
  • FTC Wants Privacy Protections For 'Unlocked' Set-Top Boxes
    FTC Consumer Protection head Jessica Rich proposes that would-be set-top-box makers should publicly promise to follow the same privacy standards as cable and satellite providers.
  • ANA Weighs In Against Plan To Unlock Cable Boxes
    A plan to unlock cable boxes "interferes with the free expression of views that is a hallmark of our society," the Association of National Advertisers says.
  • FCC Should Prevent Charter From Penalizing Cord-Cutters, Dish Says
    Charter is "ready and willing" to penalize cord-cutters, should its acquisition of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks go through, merger opponent Dish warns in a new filing
  • People See Privacy Threat From 'Unlocked' Cable Boxes, Critics Claim
    Consumers don't want Google to learn about their TV viewing histories, according to a new survey.
  • Kanye West Sued For Tricking Fans Into Disclosing Data
    A Kanye West fan says he was duped into joining the streaming service Tidal, which collected information about his email address, social media accounts and credit card.
  • Verizon Lobbies FCC Against New Privacy Rules
    Verizon says it has "significant concerns" with a proposal that it obtain users' opt-in consent before using data about their Web-surfing activity to send them targeted ads.
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